Aegina Charity Bike Ride

Fundraising for the Friends of the British School of Athens

A  sunny spring Sunday on the island of Aegina provided the best backround for a group of about twenty cyclists who were circumnavigating the island over the weekend on their bicycles for the worthy cause of raising funds for the Friends of the British School of Athens  and their currently ongoing archaeological excavations in Knossos., a company that offers mountain bike tours around Greece, has organized many such outings in the past four years collecting donations for causes such as the Friends of the British Archaeological Library and PIKPA.

Last weekend’s successful event marked the beginning of this season’s biking calendar where many more activities are scheduled in locations that are at an short distance from Athens so access is easy for all.  It’s important to note also, that on lean times like this, Bikegreece  offers its services free of charge, so participants only have to cover their cost for accommodation and food. The amount of the donation for the charity is optional. The weekend in Aegina was enjoyed by all who attended and upon unanimous request, James Brown, founder of, a  keen mountainbiker and a supporter of philanthropic activities, has already committed to organize more. For more information about the charity bike weekends, visit:

We've been running our 'charity bike trips' to various parts of Greece for the past five years. These trips offer participants the change to be part of a mini active holiday, while at the same time, they contribute (by donating a small amount) to our charitable cause. Bikegreece is putting all the work in by organizing these excursions, without any material gain, other than the sheer pleasure of watching people enjoying themselves, make new friends, be active and getting fitter and all that in the name of a good cause!

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