Mountain bike skills

Mountain bike Skills

Many of you have thought of mountain biking but were put-off by the idea, because you, simply, didn’t know how. For those new to mountain biking, or for those who have experience in road cycling, or for those who struggle with specific obstacles and would like to overcome them, the answer is one and the same: an introductory mountain biking workshop, which is structured to cover all the core mountain bike skills all of you are likely to need to get you riding off the road!

Mountain biking as a sport, is very special. First of all, it doesn’t discriminate. Young and old, male or female, blue, red or black, ‘big’ or ‘small’,  fit or unfit, students and presidents alike, mountain biking is a sport that’s enjoyed by all at the level each one of us is comfortable at. Our workshops are designed to help you enjoy the sport and the great outdoors, from teaching you to ride a bike through to improve your confidence and skills and become a better rider.

The one-day workshops are held in Villa Patricia in Varybobi  from morning till afternoon. The full-day program  includes the theory session, riding outdoors, and a rewarding meal at the end of the day!

Our workshops are offered as part of our charity activities and all contributions are going towards the charities that we support.

Improve your riding skills workshops dates for 2012:

28  January

18 February

24 March

28 April

26 May

30 June