Why Greece?


Think of Greece and what immediately springs to mind are beach holidays and the islands of Myconos, Crete and Santorini.

Greece is not known as one of the classic European bike destinations and yet the Greek landscape is dramatic, dominated by mountains and the sea. It is reckoned that only 20% of the country is flat and the mainland alone has over 4,000 Km. of coastline, more than Italy or Spain.

The interior is sparsely populated, wild and achingly beautiful, particularly between the months of March and June, when the uplands are a riot of wild fauna and colour. The change of seasons are dramatic, whilst swimming in May, snow will often still be lying on the mountain peaks.

Frantic night life, friendly locals, amazing historical sights, wonderful deserted inlets in which to swim and take a break. Fresh and natural food, a world away from our western diet of saturated fat and prepacked meals..... All these things make Greece a true land for all seasons and a wonderful place to travel and enjoy.

As for the biking ...well.....we invite you to come and see for yourself!