Our Christmas fundraiser for the 'Anarotirio Pentelis' orphanage collected the respectable sum of EUR 950! Thank you all for your participation and your generosity! Apart from doing a good deed, 10th December was a fun day that was enjoyed by all who danced the night way till the early hours of the morning....and below you can see snapshots of the day!

Here is the day we visited the orphanage, December 18th, 2011 where they had a theatre play for the kids and other people came to give donations and bring presents.  James was dressed as Santa and was giving away our presents in style while Cosmo dressed as Santas' helper was a big hit with the kids and adults alike!

orphanage 363.jpg orphanage 366.jpg orphanage 377.jpg orphanage 385.jpg orphanage 388.jpg orphanage 392.jpg orphanage 406.jpg orphanage 410.jpg orphanage 412-2.jpg orphanage 416.jpg

Snapshots from the day of the fundraiser bike ride and Christmas party December 11th 2011, at Villa Patricia. Some were so good they became Christmas cards!

orphanage 086.jpg orphanage 089-1.jpg orphanage 088.jpg orphanage 096.jpg orphanage 098.jpg orphanage 100.jpg orphanage 107.jpg orphanage 112.jpg orphanage 119.jpg orphanage 120.jpg orphanage 122.jpg orphanage 124.jpg orphanage 125.jpg orphanage 126.jpg orphanage 128.jpg orphanage 138.jpg orphanage 151 1.jpg orphanage 154.jpg orphanage 155.jpg orphanage 159.jpg orphanage 160.jpg orphanage 161.jpg orphanage 162.jpg orphanage 163.jpg orphanage 165.jpg orphanage 167-1.jpg orphanage 168.jpg orphanage 169.jpg orphanage 170.jpg orphanage 172.jpg orphanage 173.jpg orphanage 175.jpg orphanage 177.jpg orphanage 178.jpg orphanage 179.jpg orphanage 180.jpg orphanage 181.jpg orphanage 182.jpg orphanage 190.jpg orphanage 209.jpg orphanage 214.jpg orphanage 242-1.jpg orphanage 246.jpg orphanage 257-1.jpg orphanage 328.jpg orphanage 329.jpg orphanage 331-1.jpg